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Course No. 1:

Living An Examined Life With A Journal s an invitation to have an intimate dialogue with yourself that can last a lifetime. Learn how journal writing techniques can reveal your inner self quickly and honestly. 


Take Stock of Your Life, Simplify & Focus 

Course No. 2.: 

Journaling What Matters Most is a means to simplify your life—from the ideas bouncing around in your brain to projects, plans, and commitments. Learn how journal writing can help you identify what's clutter vs. treasure in your life so that you can spend your energy on what matters most right now. 

Journaling Challenge

Spring | Fall

7 days * journal live together * check-in online 

Take part in a journal writing challenge to re-ignite a lapsed journal writing practice or add interest to an existing practice. Connect with others writing in their journals.

Here's my challenge to you: Grab a pen and write in a page of your journal every day for seven days. Why? To connect with yourself. You can write for 5 minutes a day or an hour, that’s up to you.


Each day you can join a live journaling session online or just check-in to say that you've journaled that day and let others know you showed up for yourself.


The challenges take place in what I consider vulnerable months: February when we’re itching to come out of hibernation and welcome spring; and November, when we’re fortifying personal boundaries for the holidays and preparing to turn inward for winter hibernation.

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Free Journaling Guides

Ge Good Sleep free ebook journal writing guide

Use journal writing to improve troubled sleep with this little workbook. (10 pages.)

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 1.36.11 PM.png

What to journal according to your feelings.

(One page.)

Learning Philosophy

Journaling has been the cornerstone of my personal growth. As a young, sensitive child, sometimes I felt feelings deeply and other times I couldn’t access them at all. I comforted anyone who was sad—I was that kid, with an arm around the crying kid on a field trip.


I’m still that girl, eager to offer comfort to others in times of hurt. Now, as a journal writing advocate, I do so in the form of tools for comforting and knowing one’s self. First, there was The Kind Self Healing Book and, now, journaling courses.

In addition to my book and courses, there are plenty of freebies and free content to learn from—free guides, challenges, videos, social posts with journaling prompts and tips, and gatherings, too. 

I write curriculum professionally, so all of the content I create here has been informed by learning science. What that means for you is that the content is crafted to be easy to navigate, engaging, and learnable. 

On Growth

Growth is an inevitable journey. We all make the journey at one point or another. For some, personal growth is a straight, continuous line and for others, it is a two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back kind of dance. There are two ingredients that are incredibly helpful: Comfort and bravery. Each is a powerful force.


When you can provide yourself comfort, it becomes manageable to go out and be brave. Bravery requires a comforting cave to return to. With both, we become true warriors of personal growth. 

Why not begin? (Or notice that you already have, wink wink.)

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