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A tasting menu of
journaling techniques

Spice up your journal writing practice!

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Never written in a journal?

No problem—all are welcome.


In this one-hour workshop, we’ll taste-test five journaling techniques designed to enrich your journal writing practice.

The workshop structure is much like a tasting menu: after each technique is introduced, you’ll test it out with a provided prompt.


We’ll spend 5 minutes practicing each technique, one by one. Once we’ve tested all five techniques, we’ll discuss our observations. Finally, we’ll wrap up with ways to take what you learned into your at-home writing practice.

 why write in a journal​ 

A journal writing practice boosts creativity and our sense of wellbeing. A journal is a convenient, affordable, and portable mental health tool. Research has long shown that journal writing helps raise emotional intelligence, helps manage stress, reduces anxiety and depression, and strengthens memory and mental cognition. 

 'should I sign up'? ​  

Come if...

- You don’t always know what to write about.

- You want to go beyond just venting in your journal.

- You want to recommit to your journaling practice.

- You’re anxious or stressed and want to give journaling a try.

Longtime journal writers needing a refresh as well as people who have never written in a journal are welcome!

 what you'll get ​  


  • Time and place to road-test 5 new journal writing techniques.

  • A journal to take home.

  • A take-home techniques cheatsheet.

  • A chance to learn with like-minded community members.

 time & location ​  

Friday, May 3rd

12-1 PM


 cost ​  


 what to bring  ​ 

  • Your favorite pen.

  • A journal or spiral notebook will do (note: a journal is provided).

  • Earbuds if you want to listen to music or sounds during the writing sessions.

  • Water and/or a snack.


 questions?  ​ 

Questions? Just ask Amy: send an email.

about your facilitator

Amy Eden's passion for journal writing spans 35 years. Her mission is to raise awareness about journal writing as an accessible, affordable mental health tool.

Amy is the author of The Kind Self-Healing Book and works of fiction and creative nonfiction published in Fatal Flaw, Gigantic Sequins, Ravishly, and others. She studied creative writing and earned an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has been designing and guiding workshops since 2014. 


"The work that I did with Amy completely changed my life for the better. By illuminating that you can be kind without sacrificing your own well-being, Amy helped me learn how to balance being of service both to others and myself—to the benefit of both." 

Tom, curator, Los Angeles

"The workshop gave me the opportunity to realize that I am not alone. The group members truly understood me and gave me time to express myself without judgment." 

Amanda, educator, San Francisco

"Amy is a powerful coach. It was very easy to connect with her and open myself up enough to get into issues that were troubling me. She immediately understood the problem and she gave me some practical tips I could put into practice right away. Whenever I find myself facing that issue, I refer to her tips and find the way out." 

Anna, CEO, Italy

"Amy is one of those very easy to talk to healers—I felt instantly comfortable expressing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with her. The greatest benefit has been learning how to organize my many thoughts and big feelings into interconnected themes, which gives me the mental space to prioritize what I feel is most important to work on."

Leanne, massage therapist, Utah

"My sessions with Amy helped to place a mirror up to existing patterns in my life, and to validate them as real experiences. She helped to place a new lens upon assumptions that effectively ran my life. I was able to better define "self-care" and actually rediscover a sense of play and curiosity, to indulge in life and not just duty." 

Mary, mom-in-chief, Scotland

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