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the fall wind-down
a writing + reflection experience

The fall wind down workshop art.png

slow down activities

preserve your spirit
let shit go  

Suddenly we have darker, earlier evenings, a reminder that we’re progressing ever closer to winter.

Join me in navigating that transition with more intention and less remorse than in years past. 

Starting Saturday 11/11, this is a week-long experience that kicks off with a one-hour Zoom gathering. It proceeds with daily recordings and prompts—which I will email to you each day for 5 days—to use for reflection and journal writing. Finally, we'll wrap-up the week with our second group gathering to share our experiences and insights.

 why wind down? ​ 

This experience is a celebration of self-reflection and letting go—as a means to prepare for winter, a season that asks us to do more with less. 

What can you let go of for a season? 
A commitment, or two? A misunderstanding or grudge? Might there be a project that can wait to launch in spring?

What needs fortification in order to support you through the season ahead?
What larder needs to be filled—within you? What word or intention will steer you through? What source of sustenance do you most need?


 dates ​  

We start 11/11 and end 11/18—Saturday to Saturday.

11/11 @ 11 a.m. Pacific: Opening group (Zoom)

11/13 - 11/17: Emailed prompts (email)

11/18 @ 11 a.m. Pacific: Closing group (Zoom)

 cost ​  


 supplies & prep  ​ 

A notebook or journal*

Protected writing + reflection time in your calendar 
A quiet space for joining the Zoom calls 

*If you're called to make art rather than write in response to the ideas + prompts, or do a combination of both—that's OK, please embrace that. 


 the flexible format ​  

The format is designed to provide support, connection, and accountability—with realistic flexibility and space for reflection and everyday demands.    

How we start:
We'll meet together live for the Zoom gathering on 11/11. Ideally, enough of us will attend that we'll generate connection and a hearth-like mood. But, life is life—and if you can't make it, you can watch the replay.

How we go along:
Then, for 5 days, I will email you recordings and writing prompts each day. You can use those to reflect and write as you receive them—or listen to them in a big cluster or whenever you can, even after the course wraps up.

How we close:
To close, we'll meet again for a casual wrap-up Zoom to share about our experiences and share our self-preservation tips and insights. Everyone's welcome to attend, regardless of how much writing or reflection you were able to do each day. 


Some of the themes and ideas you'll be invited to consider:

Calling in insight and clarity

Reviewing and releasing fantasies of self

Preservation and fortification of the spirit

Paring down and letting go

Perceiving and naming what really matters

 the vibe  

This is an invitation to lean on writing and reflection as well as sharing and listening. We'll gain insights from the writing and reflection process, yet also very much from one another.


This experience brings together a group of humans with a variety of lived experiences across many lines—economic, social, physical, cultural, etc. This space cultivates safety through care, curiosity, and respect. We share authentically, bravely, and listen with open minds and open hearts.

The first Zoom meeting will be recorded so that it can be replayed by participants, for a limited time. The second, wrap-up Zoom will not be recorded.


Questions? I'm here, send an email.


In past participants' words...

The work that I did with Amy completely changed my life for the better. By illuminating that you can be kind without sacrificing your own well-being, Amy helped me learn how to balance being of service both to others and myself—to the benefit of both. 

Tom, Curator (L.A.)

The workshop gave me the opportunity to realize that I am not alone. The group members truly understood me and gave me time to express myself without judgment. 

Amanda, Educator (California)

"Amy is a powerful coach. It was very easy to connect with her and open myself up enough to get into issues that were troubling me. She immediately understood the problem and she gave me some practical tips I could put into practice right away. Whenever I find myself facing that issue, I refer to her tips and find the way out." 

Anna, CEO (Italy)

"My sessions with Amy helped to place a mirror up to existing patterns in my life, and to validate them as real experiences. She helped to place a new lens upon assumptions that effectively ran my life. I was able to better define "self-care" and actually rediscover a sense of play and curiosity, to indulge in life and not just duty." 

Mary, Mom-in-Chief (Scotland)

"Amy is one of those very easy to talk to healers—I felt instantly comfortable expressing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with her. The greatest benefit has been learning how to organize my many thoughts and big feelings into interconnected themes, which gives me the mental space to prioritize what I feel is most important to work on."

LeAnne, Massage Therapist (Utah)

About Amy

Amy Eden's passion for journal writing spans 35 years. Her mission is to raise awareness about journal writing as an accessible, affordable mental health tool.

Amy is the author of The Kind Self-Healing Book and works of fiction and creative nonfiction published in Fatal Flaw, Gigantic Sequins, Ravishly, and others. She studied creative writing and earned an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has been designing and guiding workshops since 2014. 

The Kind Self-Healing Book flipthrough

Amy's iGnite talk, "Hacking the Phrase 'They Did the Best they Could'"

I love creating space for others to practice self-compassion and introspection work. The ah-ha moments we inevitably experience while writing in journals are reminders of the grace and magic we already contain.  


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