creating my first online journal writing course

When my eleven-year-old goes to his dad's, I work on my online course about the thing I love most, journal writing. I love creating courses, and I've built many courses for other people and organizations. My turn. I love crafting the lesson concepts, and the act of putting myself in the shoes of someone learning something new, and I love sneaking instructional design flourishes into the course (in ways that nobody will notice yet boosts their ability to absorb the information), all of it! So I'm having fun. If you know me, you know my version of fun is not carpooling to an arena to watch anything that might take place in an arena but, rather, being quietly engrossed in projects.


non-negotiable morning routine for proper installation of the self

Wake up before my alarm at still dark o'clock worried about some things and excited about some other things

Write in my journal


Put the kettle on for tea (milk oolong from Petaluma Coffee & Tea)

Begin noticing what I'm grateful for

Cat tending

Yoga & stretching

Post on Instagram 

Water the garden

Sometimes I forget the order in which my Sacred Morning Routine flows most smoothly. I'm always tempted to test things like whether washing my face before I brew tea feels better than doing yoga right away before I leave my bedroom. I'm rarely the same person I was yesterday, so the test is inherently flawed.


apparently I can't let go enough for fiction during a Pandemic (but I can let go enough for romantic comedies because they are, uh, real)

I'm reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay while ignoring that I am super late to the party on this one (the book, not feminism). This collection of essays pairs well with watching every lecture or talk of Ms. Gay's that I can find on YouTube. I'm feeling switched on, smarter and smarter, and like I'm on the verge of something. It's like accidentally getting a caffeinated latte instead of the decaf.  

“Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy, toxic, or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses--pretty but designed to SLOW women down.” —Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay

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