The Kind Self Healing Book:

Raise Yourself Up with Curiosity and Compassion

Amy Eden Jollymore

with illustrations by Marla Pedersen

If you are prone to self-doubt, people-pleasing, anxiety, or decision-making influenced by fear, or if you want to free yourself of the coping behaviors that helped you survive a less-than-perfect childhood but don't serve you in adulthood, The Kind Self Healing Book is for you. 

With whimsical and calming illustrations and a design that welcomes participation, The Kind Self Healing Book encourages you to write your thoughts, feelings, and observations on its pages.

You will feel guided and supported as you work through the book—especially the self-care sections—and begin to make the kinds of changes that enable you to lead the happier, more functional, and overall more balanced life you've always craved.

What Readers Say

"I would dare say even my therapist would do well to offer something constructive like this to go a step beyond talk therapy into moving forward."

"I've started working with Amy's book and I have already experienced remarkable if parts of me were waiting to be contacted again and be held lovingly. The book is much more accessible than many self-help books for people who grew up around neglect, abuse, addiction, etc. The tone is encouraging, not preachy. It's more like having a sympathetic friend who has been there, and found ways to deal with things no one else understands."

"It really was like having a one on one conversation with the author, and you can tell she invested a big part of herself while writing this."

"The author does a wonderful job of providing a positive, freestyle workbook as a framework for recognizing and working through childhood trauma and abuse. If you find writing helpful to explore your state of mind but dislike prompts and lines on a blank page you will find this book especially helpful."