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Welcoming Newcomers

STREAMLINED USER FLOW for regional nonprofit org 

"We want newcomers to feel welcomed and informed."

Refresh dated content  *   Reduce clicks to meeting schedule  *  Onboard newcomers   


This nonprofit client provides meeting and event information to local community members seeking support for wellbeing issues.

My team and I focused on simplifying navigation, pruning out-of-date content, and creating onboarding for new users.  



Content and navigation auditing

Copywriting & revisions to key pages 

UX Writing 


Nonprofit body

Website committee


UX Writer (me)




Google Workspace

Newcomers needed to be able to come in and get information without friction; the act of checking out support resources is a delicate thing.

Existing members wanted simple utility that invited repeat visits to the site.   


The organization wanted to welcome potential new members but the site's onboarding path was murky. Out-of-date content and empty links impeded their ability to convey reliability to newcomers.


An audit of the content and navigation to identify opportunities for simplification, focusing on:

  • Reducing both choices and clicks for newcomers as well as existing members—streamlining the user flow.

  • Emphasizing the solution already experienced by existing members      


I worked with their website committee to conduct audits of the content and navigation, as well as study the user flow. Additionally, I conducted user research (a survey and interviews) to understand how existing members use the site to ensure those user needs wouldn't be overlooked.


Case Study Preview:

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