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Launching Tilli

SITE REVAMP for product launch 

"We need a UX writer to get us launch-ready. Fast."

Define brand voice on key pages   *  Clarify CTA  *   Draw out product benefits

CLIENT & PROJECT is an award-winning social-emotional learning tool for early learners.

The project focused on revamping key pages to build connection with two different user types and bring clarity to the CTA for their site launch.


UX writing & copywriting




UX Writer (me)



Google Workspace

While a parent can buy a Tilli product today and be working through it with their kid by the weekend, teachers need weeks to prepare classroom lessons. 

Site content needed to speak meaningfully to what these two users had in common as well as their separate pain points.


The site was written with investors in mind and now actual users were about to start visiting. The original site effectively attracted investors and secured a development grant (yay!). But, the actual users Tilli was built to serve—teachers and parents—don't share the same interests, needs, or pain points as investors.     


Make targeted updates to key site pages and the user flow, focusing on two areas:

  • Articulating the product value particular to each user type

  • A clear, compelling CTA


The designer and I collaborated on research into the two user types—elementary school teachers and parents—applying research methodologies like conversation mining, competitor analysis, and studying content patterns. 

Case Study Preview:

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