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"The Closing Out workshop was so clarifying! 

Suddenly I could see what was happening in my life way more clearly. I felt it viscerally. I just hadn't looked at my life from this vantage point.

The experience inspired me to plan my next year very intentionally—now I know what I want to see next year when I look back."

—Katie, New York City

Closing out 2023:
Appreciating a Year Lived

A women's writing + reflection experience

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Take an intentional look back at the year.

Do so with kind eyes. 

The holidays tend to be a current that sweeps us up and hurries us along. Use this workshop to reclaim your time, pause, and reflect on 2023.


In this three-hour workshop we will take a compassionate view of our year, appreciate how we have spent our time, and cultivate introspection that will carry through the coming year. 

Some of The Questions We'll Explore:

  • When did you feel most spirited, engaged, or even enthralled? 

  • What do you have a right to feel proud about from 2023?

  • When were you able to bring grace to a trying situation, your own or that of another person? 

  • When did connection occur?

  • What were the instances of surprise and delight?

 Close the year with a clear mind, grateful heart, and willing spirit.​ 

The Vibe & What's Included:​

  • This is a private, safe, and small group of women willing to regard 2023 with kindness. (Limited to 12.)

  • The workshop meets on Zoom.

  • We will write, share, and listen—gaining insights from our writing as well as one another.

  • You'll receive an e-book you can use to extend the ideas we explore in the workshop and add them to your morning journaling practice. 

  • The e-book contains 5 additional end-of-year journal writing prompts, designed to extend your recollections of the past year.

 time & location ​  

Saturday, December 30th

10-1 PM Pacific


 cost ​  

$49 - register  

 materials to have on hand  ​ 

  • A journal or spiral notebook.

  • Blank sheets or paper or a sketch book.

  • Markers, colored pencils, or any art pens of your choice.

  • A quiet space.

  • Water and/or a snack.


 questions?  ​ 

Questions? Just ask Amy: send an email.

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about your facilitator

Amy Eden's passion for journal writing spans 35 years. Her mission is to raise awareness about journal writing as an accessible, affordable mental health tool.

Amy is the author of The Kind Self-Healing Book and works of fiction and creative nonfiction published in Fatal Flaw, Gigantic Sequins, Ravishly, and others. She studied creative writing and earned an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has been designing and guiding workshops since 2014. 


"The work that I did with Amy completely changed my life for the better. By illuminating that you can be kind without sacrificing your own well-being, Amy helped me learn how to balance being of service both to others and myself—to the benefit of both." 

Tom, curator, Los Angeles

"The workshop gave me the opportunity to realize that I am not alone. The group members truly understood me and gave me time to express myself without judgment." 

Amanda, educator, San Francisco

"Amy is a powerful coach. It was very easy to connect with her and open myself up enough to get into issues that were troubling me. She immediately understood the problem and she gave me some practical tips I could put into practice right away. Whenever I find myself facing that issue, I refer to her tips and find the way out." 

Anna, CEO, Italy

"Amy is one of those very easy to talk to healers—I felt instantly comfortable expressing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with her. The greatest benefit has been learning how to organize my many thoughts and big feelings into interconnected themes, which gives me the mental space to prioritize what I feel is most important to work on."

Leanne, massage therapist, Utah

"My sessions with Amy helped to place a mirror up to existing patterns in my life, and to validate them as real experiences. She helped to place a new lens upon assumptions that effectively ran my life. I was able to better define "self-care" and actually rediscover a sense of play and curiosity, to indulge in life and not just duty." 

Mary, mom-in-chief, Scotland

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